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Rafraf Painting, Plastering & Contracting in Canterbury: Making Your Home Improvement Dreams Come True

Rafraf Painting & Plastering Contracting Ltd
Canterbury Region

Rafael and his team of professional painters, plasterers & contractors will work with you to develop a personalised plan to transform your space while retaining all the beautiful features that you adore. They do jobs from small painting, plastering to big home contracting project. Do not hesitate to contact Rafael for a free quote now!

rafraf painting

Making Your Home Improvement Dreams Come True


Affordable Exterior & Interior Painting Services in Canterbury Region
Rafraf has the knowledge, experience and tools to renovate your house. We will ensure the safe removal of toxic materials and ensure you are left with a safe, beautiful, healthy environment while retaining the character and charm of your home.

Plastering is a crucial part of building or renovating any property. We are expert plasterers in smooth or textured finishes.

House Contracting 
We take pride in hard work and aim for perfection in every job, no matter how big or small. We will take your vision and complete the project better than you imagined. Let us help you with your build of the dream house.


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